Aqua Armor Tent Waterproofing Spray

Aqua Armor tent waterproofing spray is specifically designed for tent, sleeping bags, bivy bags, backpacks, cots, and other camping gear to help repel water. A single spray bottle can treat up to 160 square feet of tent fabric and each application provides UV ray protection. It can be applies to a wide variety of fabric types to allow you to waterproof most materials.

Since the Aqua Armor spray is water based and not based on a harmful chemical solvent it it safer for you and the environment. unlike other waterproofing sprays, Aqua Armor tent spray leaves no long lasting noticeable odor, and it does not leave a yellow film. Another great feature is it will not stiffen your fabric and leave it crusty feeling. If you’re looking for a product that can repel water as well as oil you’ll find that Aqua Armor tent spray does the trick. You can spray it on your tent or even use it for your homes patio canopy to help shield your fabric from becoming waterlogged and leaky.

Here’s some of the best features of the Aqua Armor Tent Waterproofing Spray Model Number AATG32:

  • Large 32 ounce size treats up 160 square feet of fabric
  • Provides extra UV ray protection
  • Waterproofing spray helps eliminate leaks
  • Specifically formulated for tent and camping gear
  • Environmentally friendly water based solution
  • No harmful solvents used
  • Does not leave an odor
  • Will not stiffen your fabric or leave a yellow residue


  • Environmental safe
  • No odor, yellowing, or stiffening of fabric
  • Provides additional UV protection


  • May need several applications to achieve desired results

Have you tried using the Aqua Armor Tent Waterproofing Spray? Send in your tent spray review and comments below to share what you think about this product.

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