Camping Tips

Ensuring your camping trip is fun and enjoyable often takes a little planning. here are some camping tips to maximize your next camping vacation.

Before Camping Departure

– Get directions to your destination
– Check for reservations or check in time
– Make a list of what to bring
– Pack food that won’t spoil easily
– Bring warm clothing
– Check your flashlights for batteries
– Don’t forget the games
– Bring toilet paper
– Check your cars fluids and tire pressure
– Research the areas of interest near your campsite
– Bring your can opener
– Bring matches
– Don’t forget fire wood and kindling

After Campsite Arrival

– Find out where the campsites toilet facilities are.
– Lock your car and roll up the windows
– Make sure food items are stored in a bear approved locker
– Throw trash away immediately to avoid animals getting into it.

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