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Air pumps are great for quickly inflating or deflating camping air mattresses, or inflatables for the pool, beach, or lake. The best camping pumps are rechargeable because they can fill up inflatable items hassles free. Manual hand pumps are a good idea as an emergency backup or when you may not have access to an electric outlet for a prolonged length of time. The most popular camping pump brands are Black & Decker, Advanced Elements, Coleman, Aero, Intex, Eddie Bauer, Ledmark, Texsport, Wenzel, Zaltana, and Pure Comfort. You can read product reviews about camping air pumps below to find out which one is best for you.

Coleman Hand Pump

This Coleman Hand Pump is large and bulky, but does the job of inflation quite well if you can handle its size and burning some calories. I purchased this pump several years ago as a backup camping pump to an electric model and it works well for just about any inflatable job you can think of.

I use my normal electric pump to blow up my air mattress to a certain point with ease, than use this dual action pump to really get it full all the way. The dual action feature means you can inflate or deflate [suck air] most inflatable devices. The pumps efficient design means it works to inflate with your upward or downward motion. This feature means the pump works fast and you can use it to really inflate things to capacity.

Now on the downside this pump is big. It is much too bulky if you need to carry it any distance or if you are limited on space. Another thing people may dislike about this Coleman pump is it is noisy and labor intensive. However, if you want a pump that works great and gets the job done you can’t go wrong with this Coleman model.

Here’s some of the best features of the Large Coleman Hand Pump

  • Powerful pump that inflates things quickly
  • Great for pumping camping airbed
  • Can accept Boston, pinch, and Coleman Double Lock valves
  • Dual action pump works on the up and down motion


  • Inflates fast
  • Very low price
  • Makes a great backup pump
  • Pump inflates using full up and down motion
  • Gets airbeds all the way full


  • Bulky pump for camping
  • Can be strenuous to use for some people
  • Somewhat noisy

Have you tried using the Large Coleman Hand Pump ? Leave your comments and hand pump reviews below to let other readers know what you think about this product.

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Coleman Air Pump 120V Electric

The Coleman Air Pump 120V Electric can easily pump up low pressure inflatables like mattresses, beach balls, toys, and small pools. The pump requires 120 VAC current to operate, so if you are looking for portability you’ll want to try the 12V rechargeable pump.

This pump does not have the attachment or capability to pump up bike tires, car tires, footballs or basketballs. It does come with several adapters, however the pump itself does not have the power to inflate those types of objects. In addition you can use this pump to clean out the dust from inside your computer.

While this Coleman pump is great at filling low pressure inflatables it’s loud. Your kids and pets may just leave the room when you fire this baby up. So for what it’s designed for pumping up household inflatables it does well.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman Air Pump 120V Electric

  • 120-volts household items electric pump
  • Inflates low pressure items quickly
  • Comes with Coleman one year warranty


  • Great for inflating household inflatable items like pool toys
  • Comes with a couple nozzle adapters


  • Deafeningly loud
  • Won’t work on car, or bike tires, footballs or basketballs

Have you tried using this Coleman electric air pump? If you have please submit your review and comments below to let people know what you think about this air pump.

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