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A camping stove is a great addition to your camping equipment. While many campers depend only on a campfire to cook their foods, having a portable stove can make cooking much more convenient. For instance, during the summer many campsites are no longer allowing open campfires. In addition during rainy weather starting a fire can be nearly impossible. Having a portable stove can be a backup, or a much quicker alternative then using a charcoal BBQ, or fire pit. Some of the best camping stove brands are: Camp Chef, UCO, Alpha, Sterno, Max Burton, Brunton, Century Tool, Trangia, Jetboil, Liberty Mountain, Light my Fire, Optimus, Primus, Rothco, StanSport, Texsport, Solhuma, MSR, Kelly Kettle, and Coleman.

Coleman Camp Stove 2 Burner PerfectFlow

This Coleman Camp Stove has 2 Burners with a PerfectFlow system that provides a fully-adjustable 10,000 BTUs per burner. It is well suited for grilling while camping, at tailgate parties, for use during kitchen remodels, or just as an emergency backup stove.

The Perfectflow camp stove offers around an hour of cook time from each propane cylinder. The stove is designed to use the standard 16.4 oz propane cylinders. The built-in Instastart technology provides a  matchless push-button ignition that makes it easier to light. The camping stove’s adjustable propane pressure switches means you have more control over the burners cooking temperatures. Another important feature is the steady fuel stream output that helps this grill perform in high altitudes, during cold weather, and when the fuel is getting low.

The stove comes equipped with wind shielding side panels to help maintain proper cooking environment in adverse windy conditions. These side panels can additionally be folded to create shelves you can use  to hold your food, or condiments. There is also a recessed cooktop with a lowered burner design to help give your stove extra performance.

The Coleman stove weighs 12.6 pounds, and measures 23.3 inches, by 14.9 inches, and 5.9 inches. The cooking box is painted with a rust resistant enamel material that has a built-in carrying handle. The cooking grate is constructed of nickel chrome and can be removed for easier cleaning.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman 2-Burner Stove PerfectFlow InstaStart Model

  • Stove is powerd by 20,000 BTU’s, 10,000 per burner
  • 2 burner recessed design for maximum efficiency
  • Wind shield side panels fold down to create shelves
  • Perfectflow adjustable propane pressure control
  • InstaStart for matchless lighting
  • Works well in high altitudes, low temperatures, and when low on fuel


  • Piezoelectric matchless igniter
  • Compact stove that’s very portable
  • Perfect for campers
  • Burners get really hot at 10,000 BTU’s each
  • Grate is easy to clean
  • Built-in wind shields
  • Recessed & large burners


  • May be difficult to adjust flame
  • Rigid copper tube can make positioning propane tank difficult
  • Lightweight material is somewhat flimsy

Have you tried using the Coleman Camp Stove 2 Burner PerfectFlow? Send in your review and comments about this product below to let other readers know what you think.

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Coleman Stove PerfectFlow 1 Burner

Coleman Stove PerfectFlow with 1 Burner is an excellent choice for a general camp cooking stove, or as an emergency backup for your home in the event of an emergency. The Coleman stove produces a lot of heat with its 10,000-BTU burner.

A high, low adjustment setting on the burner helps you get better cooking results. On the high temperature setting you can expect up to 2.2 hours of use. On the low adjustment you can expect up to 9 hours of cooking time.

The PerfectFlow stove is reliable in both high and low altitudes, cold climates, and when the fuel is running low. Since the stove runs off of a standard 16.4-ounce propane cylinder it is easy to find and replace the fuel source. The regulator build into the unit provides a steady fuel stream resulting in an even cooking performance.

The wide base of the stove gives you stability while cooking and can accommodate up to 8 inch bowls. You’ll find this Coleman stove to be small enough to store easily and fuel efficient enough that you won’t constantly be changed propane cylinders. Overall, the PerfectFlow stove is a great addition to your camping equipment, or emergency supplies.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman PefectFlow 1-Burner Stove

  • Has a pot support system and can accommodate up to 8 inch bowls
  • Adjustable setting (high/low) 10,000 BTU burner
  • Uses a standard 16.4-ounce propane cylinder (not included)
  • Coleman limited lifetime warranty
  • Reliable at high or low altitudes
  • Operates in cold climates or when low of fuel


  • Can fit inside a backpack
  • Puts out a lot of heat
  • Stable cooking platform design
  • Light, weighs only 2.2 pounds
  • Runs 2.2 hours on high temperature setting
  • Runs up to nine hours on low temperature setting
  • Stove has burner support that helps shield cooking flame from the wind


  • Does not come with a storage bag or stove cover

Have you tried using the Coleman Perfectflow stove? If so we’d love to hear what you thought about this product. Leave your comments and review below to help other people make informed buying decisions.

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