Coleman Enamelware Camping Dining Kit

This Coleman Enamelware Camping Dining Kit is a twenty-four piece set that includes silverware [enamelware], cutlery, plates, bowls and mugs. The camping dining kit come with a total of 4 ten ounce mugs, 4 six inch bowls, 4 ten inch dinner plates, 4 knives, 4 forks, and 4 spoons.

The dinner ware for four people is coated with a red-speckled enamel that is attractive and great for use while camping, the beach or on a picnic. The enamelware is dishwasher safe and comes with its own carrying storage case for easy transport and keeping the silverware in one place. All together the set weighs 6.8 pounds. Sadly, the carrying case is only designed to hold the silverware not the cups, bowls, or dishes.

When using this Coleman dining set you do need to be careful that you don’t let it get too hot. When you put hot food on the dishes, or in the mugs or bowls they can heat up quick quickly. The dinnerware set is easy to clean thanks to its enamelware coating. In addition the dining set is durable and should provide you with much use as long as you are careful not to knock them around and chip off the enamel coating.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman Enamelware Dining Kit

  • Twenty four piece dining set
  • Great for camping, the beach, or picnics
  • Comes with 4 dinner plates, 4 bowls, and 4 mugs
  • Silverware enamelware includes 4 spoons, 4 knives, and 4 forks
  • Dining set is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with carrying case for silverware


  • Dining kit is attractive
  • Comes with silverware carrying case
  • Makes your outdoor dining experience classier
  • Dining kit serves 4 people
  • Enamelware is easy to clean


  • Enamel can chip off if not careful
  • Product can melt if it comes in contact with too much heat
  • No carrying case for bowls, plates, or mugs

Have you tried using the Coleman Enamelware Camping Dining Kit ? If so we’d love to hear what you thought about this product. Leave your comments and review below to help other people make informed buying decisions.

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