Freeze Dry Food Emergency Meal Supply Kit

The Freeze Dry Food Emergency Meal Supply Kit comes with 56 Meals that is enough to provide a family of four, two servings a day for a week. Each meals comes wrapped in a nitrogen filled mylar pouch that is designed to help preserve the food for up to 25 years. To cook the food you just add water and heat and it is ready to eat. All of the preseasoning has been done for you so the food is as ready to eat as possible. This type of survival food kit is great for camping, or as an emergency backup in case of a natural disaster.

The freeze dried food comes in its own sturdy storage bucket to help make it easy to transport and stow away for when you need it. Each kit comes with many family food favorites like cheese macaroni, blueberry pancakes, honey granola, creamy chicken pasta, stroganoff, and lasagna. This kit will work great as an emergency food source. It’s easy to prepare, tastes good, has a long 25 year shelf life, and can be easily stored in its own storage canister for when you need it.

Here’s some of the best features of the Wise 56 Meal Freeze Dried Food Kit

  • Easy to prepare, just add water to cook
  • Long twenty five year shelf life
  • Comes with storage bucket for easy transport and accessibility
  • Provides a family of 4 enough food for 2 servings a day for 1 week
  • Each meal comes in a nitrogen packed mylar pouch for freshness
  • Product produced by Wise and ships in an 11 pound container

Have you tried using the Freeze Dry Food Kit? If so we’d love to hear what you thought about this product. Leave your comments and review below to help other people make informed buying decisions.

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