Norcold Refrigerator 323T R/L 3 Way Fridge

The Norcold Refrigerator 323T R/L 3 Way Fridge is a great choice for camping, RV’ing, Boating, or long trips. The unit is a 3 way refrigerator meaning it can run from three different types of power sources. It can be powered by AC 120 volts, DC 12 volts, or LPG propane gas. The versatility, size and easy igniton system makes this fridge a top buy.

The Norcold fridge features easy to start piezo ignitor system, with easy to use manual controls. The fridge is attractive with durable powder coated shelving that are also adjustable and removable. The flexible shelving makes it easy to store different types of food, or drink on the go.

When first powering up the fridge you’ll want to cool it down for a full eight hours before use for best results. Then when you load the fridge you’ll want to allow air to move freely within the unit. Keeping the refrigerator on the full side will help things stay cooler. It also is a good idea to put foods that are more likely to freeze on the lower shelf.

For AC power you can plug the refrigerator into a grounded three prong receptacle. Make sure the AC voltage is 108-132 volts.  For DC power when the battery is less than 20 feet away you can use a minimum 12 AWG wire with a maximum 20 amp fuse. Make sure the DC voltage is 10.5- 15.4 volts. For propane gas hookup you can use propane gas at a pressure of eleven inches water column propane. [see the Norcold installation manual for specific instructions for proper setup]

When using this camping fridge at altitudes over 5500 feet above sea level you may experience some reduced cooling capability as well as burner reduction, or outages. To avoid these problems you could operate your refrigerator on AC current when above altitudes of 5500 feet. When operating this fridge from your car you’ll want to keep the engine running or you may quickly run down your battery.

Overall, the Norcold 323T Refrigerator R/L 3 Way Fridge is a popular choice for campers, or someone who wants to save money on food while camping or traveling. The ability to operate this fridge from three different types of power makes it versatile and easy to power while on the road.

Here’s some of the best features of the Norcold 323T 3 Way Fridge

  • 3 ways to power this fridge – Mains alternating current, 12 Volt, or LPG gas
  • Comes with a manufacturers one year warranty
  • Easy adjustable shelving that can be removed
  • Easy to clean
  • Piezo gas ignition system
  • White powder coated shelves
  • Easy to use manual controls


  • Versatile 3 way fridge, AC/DC, or propane
  • Gas ignition
  • Only 59 pounds
  • Great for camping


  • Some power issues at altitudes above 5500 unless on AC power
  • Can run down car battery if car is not on

Have you tried using this Norcold fridge model 323T R/L? If so we’d love to hear what you think, enter your review and comments about this product below.

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