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Allpro Heater Double Headed Propane Model# SPC-30RG

The Allpro Heater Double Headed Propane Model# SPC-30RG features dual heating burners with a total output of 30,000 BTU’s of heating power. The versatility of this propane heater means you don’t need electric power to operate, you can take it with you camping, to sporting events, or even use it while working in the garage or outside.

The All pro propane heater comes equipped with threading to to attach to a variety of propane cylinder tanks including a twenty, thirty, or forty pound cylinder. There’s a safety shutoff valve that automatically turns off the power if the flame goes out. In addition this Allpro heater has steel heads which help maximize the reflection of heat where you need it most. The heating burners themselves have front and rear wire guards for added protection.

In total the entire heater excluding the propane tanks weighs 8.7 pounds. The unit measures 14.6 by 8 by 18.5 inches in size. A really nice feature of this device is how fast it heats up and how easy it is to hook up to the tank of your choice. Depending on the heat output you select you can expect to run the heater for approximately fourteen to forty-three hours using a twenty pound propane tank. In all, the Allpro heater is a great choice for someone looking for a portable heater that can really crank out the heat.

Here’s some of the best features of the Allpro Heater Double Headed Propane Model# SPC-30RG

  • 10-30,000 BTU’s of heat output
  • Powerful infra-red propane heater
  • Can be hooked up quickly
  • Only weighs 8.7 lbs.
  • Can attach to 20, 30 or 40 lbs. cylinders
  • Measures 14.6 x 8 x 18.5 inches
  • Automatic shut off if flame dies out
  • Can run for 14 to 43 hours on a single 20 lbs tank
  • Steel reflector heads help direct warmth
  • Rear and front burner guards

Have you tried using the  Allpro Heater Double Headed Propane Model# SPC-30RG ? If so please share what you think about this product. Leave your comments and review below to help other people make informed buying decisions.

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