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Coleman Portable Grill Fold-N-Go

The Coleman Portable Grill Fold-N-Go is a great little BBQ grill that works great for camping your apartment balcony, or tailgate party. The size of the grill makes it very portable, easy to store, yet still big enough to cook for four to six people.

The Fold-N-Go grill features a horseshoe-shaped stainless steel burner that produces 6,000-BTU’s and has a nice even heat distribution. You can close the grill lid while things are cooking inside to maximize performance. When cooking you can grill four hamburgers at a time or cook two hamburgers and two ears of corn.

The grills hinged domed lid helps give the grill better heat efficiency. It also has a built-in carry handle. The grill grate is stamped-steel and is coated with porcelain for easier clean-up. Even with the coating on the grill it does gunk up pretty fast. So it’s a good idea to either spray it down before use with a non-stick spray, or soak it overnight after use to make it easier to clean off. There’s also a dishwasher safe, removable grease tray underneath the grill to help make it a quicker to clean meat drippings.

If you decide to use this grill at home it’s a good idea to consider getting the hose that lets you accept a larger propane cylinder. all said this is a great portable grill that grills excellent barbecue and is a great grill to take with you on your next camping trip or outdoor picnic.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman Portable Grill Fold-N-Go:

  • Portable grill that can serve 4-6 people
  • 6,000-TU stainless steel burner
  • Folding carrying handle
  • Pocelain coated grill surface
  • Drip pan for easier clean-up


  • Can grill 4 burgers at a time
  • Very portable
  • Light weight
  • 6,000-BTU stainless burner
  • Cooks great food
  • Great grill for apartment balconies


  • Cheap sheet metal
  • Perforated grill collects grime
  • Screwing in rubber feet is a pain

Have you tried using this Coleman Portable Grill? Is so we’d like to hear what you think about the Fold-N-Go grill. Please leave your comments and reviews below.

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