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Koolatron Cooler Kool Kaddy

The Koolatron Cooler Kool Kaddy is a thermoelectric cooler that runs off of 12 volts power. It’s basically a mini fridge you can take with you wherever you go while you have access to a 12 volt power source. This could be in your car, or RV using the vehicle cigarette lighter and ac adapter, or from your hotel room.

With the Koolatron cooler you get an iceless cooler with a large storage capacity. Without the need for ice you can save more room for extra food and drinks. the unit is deal for large families, tailgate parties or camping excursions.

One thing you will need to be aware of while using this thermoelectric cooler is that it usually draws 3.2 amps @12V from your power source. This typically isn’t a problem for your cars alternator while traveling. However, if you plan on keeping it plugged in while the car is not running you run the chance of running down your battery.

One of the big pluses of the Kool Caddy is it’s inexpensive price tag, light weight design, and ease of use. Not having to worry about ice is a big relief, and while it may not get things ice cold, it frequently operates in the 35-40 degree range as long as you don’t store it in direct sunlight or in a spot with excessive heat. Overall the Koolatron Cooler is a great addition to you next trip, and being able to bring your own food and avoid eating out at restaurants all the time can definitely help you save money over the long run.

Here’s some of the best features of the Koolatron Cooler Kool Kaddy

  • Cooler comes with large storage capacity
  • Great for the beach, camping trips, tailgating parties, family picnics, or as hotel room mini-fridge
  • 12v fridge runs off of your cars power
  • Light weight with a  total shipping weight of 15.9 pounds
  • No ice required for this cooler
  • Operates around 35-40 degrees in ideal conditions


  • No ice required
  • 12v dc cooler appliance runs off standard cigarette lighter
  • Light-weight
  • Large storage capacity
  • Low price for a thermoelectric cooler
  • Works great as a private mini-fridge in hotel rooms


  • Will run out your cars battery if engine isn’t running
  • May need to consider adding a frozen jug of water to supplement the cooler downtime
  • May not get cold enough in some environments
  • You have limited control over the cooler’s temperature
  • May not work well if 100% filled as it blocks the fan area

Have you tried using the Koolatron cooler by Kool Kaddy? If so please leave a review and comments below to let other readers know what you thought about the quality of this product.

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