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Tent Cleaning Tips


It’s just a fact of life that camping sites have a lot of dirt and debris, below I’ll share some of my tent cleaning tips to help your tent stay better looking, and more comfortable for you. After a short time of camping your tent will often accumulate a lot of dirt, and leaves that can be found on the inside and out. In addition, rainy conditions can make it virtually impossible to keep mud out which can even lead to mildewing and damage to your tent. To keep your tent in the best shape possible you’ll want to consider using the following techniques to ensure it stays clean and in great shape.

1. Lay a tarp under your tent to help keep out moisture. The tarp should be big enough to fit underneath and as close to the size of your tent as possible. This will help keep the mud off of the bottom of your tent when it’s time to roll it up.

2. Consider pitching your tent in an area that gets direct sunlight to avoid excessive moisture. If you’re camping in the summer you want to skip this step, especially if you plan on using the tent during the day. You’ll also want to avoid setting up your tent in an area where water could pool if it rains.

3. You might want to brush away pine needles and debris from around the opening of your tents door. It’s also a good idea to watch out for and remove rocks or sticks from where you pitch you tent to make it more comfortable inside and to help avoid puncture damage.

4. Anti-bacterial wipes are great for use around the campsite for removing germs. You can find cleaning wipes or unscented baby wipes for wiping down areas that have become dirty or muddy. These wipes are handy to have in case food or drink is spilled inside. They also work well for removing any insects that make their way inside.

5. Leave a broom and dustpan near the entrance to your tent to easily clean up debris that makes its way inside. It’s much easier to clean a little dirt and mud as you go along rather than have to clean it off of all of the belongings inside your tent.

6. Remove all foods and dirty clothing from your tent to help eliminate odors and keep things smelling fresh. It’s helpful to have trash bags nearby that can use to easily dispose of your trash.

7. Open up your tent during the day to let it air out and get plenty of air circulation. Remember to keep the mesh screening zipped up to avoid unwanted insects from getting in.

8. Bring a bucket, fill it with water, a mild soap, and use a soft towel to wipe the inside of your tent down before you roll it up and put it away for storage.

9. Air out your tent before you roll it up to help avoid mildew and bad odors from occurring. I often let it air out for about an hour prior to packing everything up to let it dry completely.

10. Many newer model tents come with taped seams to help prevent rain water from entering. However, in a prolonged downpour even taped tent seams can leak. For this reason it’s recommended that you purchase a waterproofing tent spray to treat the seams to avoid leakage.

As you can see these tent cleaning tips are pretty straight forward. It just takes normal cleaning maintenance to ensure your tent stays cozy and clean as well as mildew free. A little clean-up as you camp, and before you stow it away can help prevent mold and damage from occurring. Since your tent is one of the most expensive pieces of camping equipment it makes sense to spend a little time to help keep your tent smelling nice, mildew free, and looking great.

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