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Emergency Food Supply Kit

This emergency food supply kit contains 275 servings of food to provide you with food while camping, or survival meals in case there’s a earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster. The survival food supply kit comes in a weather proof bucket and has a shelf life of twenty years. In total the kit supplies 55 packets of food that are 5 servings each. The food is pre-seasoned and mixed to provide you with ready to go meals when you need them.

The food in this survival kit is easy to prepare, you just need access to water and a heat source. Each food packet inside the kit is vitamin fortified and 100% vegetarian certified. In toal the kit comes with the following foods: 40 servings of Blueberry Pancake Mix, 30 servings Country Noodles, 45 servings Whey Milk powder, 30 servings Corn Chowder, 25 servings Country Stew, 30 servings Barley Vegetable, 25 servings-Rice Lentils, 25 servings Potato Soup, and 25 servings of Cacciatore.

The survival food bucket is easy to store and transport. However, the serving size of meals in this survival food bucket is a little on the smaller size with the average caloric value per serving around 128 calories. For proper preparation of natural disasters it’s always a good idea to have some food and water supplies on hand. This emergency food supply kit can provide you with peace of mind and security in the event of an emergency, power blackout, or political upheaval.

Here’s some of the best features of the Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Meal Pack

  • Emergency food kit contains 275 servings in 55 packets
  • Comes in a weather proof bucket
  • Food has long 20 year shelf life
  • Vitamin fortified & 100% vegetarian meals
  • Just add water and heat to cook


  • Great for long term food storage
  • Easy to transport
  • No food preparation required, just add water, heat and eat


  • Servings are on the smaller size
  • 275 servings are split into 55 packets

Have you tried using the Emergency Food Supply Kit? If so we’d love to hear what you think about the quality of this survival food kit, please submit your product reviews and comments below.

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