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Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Emergency Kit

The Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Emergency Kit provides 72 hours of survival rations in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, or in the event of rioting, or food shortages. Ideal for emergency situation this survival meal kit offers easy to prepare preseasoned food that just needs water to eat.

The kit comes in a 2.8 pound container that includes six, ten ounce lunch and dinner packets, three side vegetables, and three breakfast meals. You get the following emergency foods with each pack: Scrambled eggs including ham and peppers, pasta primavera, chili macaroni with beef, kernel corn, green peas, chicken teriyaki, granola with blueberries, green beans, rice and chicken, scrambled eggs including bacon, sweet & sour pork and rice, and beef stroganoff.

This Mountain House meal kit comes with a seven year shelf life so you can store the food for a many years in case of an emergency. All in all the product provides emergency food for one adult for three days. The food tastes good, is easy to prepare [just add water] and it doesn’t require a fire or cooking which is sometimes difficult to manage in a survival situation. Another good thing about this Mountain House food pack is it comes in individual packets not the standard  five serving packages that are common in most other survival food kits. If you’re looking for some great tasting, well balanced meals for an emergency or for camping this pack is a good choice.

Here’s some of the best features of the Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Emergency Kit

  • 72 Hours of emergency food is included
  • Emergency food Kit comes with 6 lunch and dinner meals, 3 breakfasts, & 3 side vegetables packs
  • Great for camping or emergency rations
  • Kit has a 7 year shelf life
  • Just add water to prepare
  • Single serving meal packs
  • 2.8 pounds shipping weight
  • Great tasting meals

Have you tried using the Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Emergency Kit? Send in your comments and review about this emergency food kit to let other readers know what you think about this product.

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