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Coleman LED Lantern

The Coleman LED Lantern Quad is a good choice for a portable camping lantern. The Quad features four LED panels with removable panes that contain a total of 24 lights. Each of the four panels can be removed and used independently, such as if you need a light for the bathroom or inside your tent. Each of the four panels is a fully functioning light with 6 white LED lights.

The lantern puts out 190 lumens of light which delivers a substantial amount of light yet, the light is not blinding by any means. This lantern is a great pick for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with using propane tanks or hassling with replacing broken mantels. There’s a main independent on/off switch on top of the lamp and carrying/hanging handle on the top.

The lamp runs off of a rechargeable NiMH battery and eight D-cell batteries in the lantern base. The Nimh batteries can recharge from the base and provide approx 1.5 hours of light. Meanwhile the 8 D cell batteries provide up to 75 hours of light. According to the manufacturer this lantern has a light range of 26 feet.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman Quad LED Lantern

  • Lantern provides up to 75 hours of light
  • Runs off of standard D-Cell batteries
  • Four removable LED panels act as their own lights
  • White LED’s are not too harsh on your eyes
  • Five year manufacturers warranty
  • 26 foot range of light
  • Rechargeable LED panels
  • Top carrying/hanging handle


  • Long lasting lantern (up to 75 hours of light)
  • Provides up to four different lights
  • Long lasting LED’s
  • Easy on the eyes


  • Must remove D-Cell batteries while in storage to avoid draining
  • Some people have said the plastic is brittle on the tabs to remove the panels
  • The threads on the base may be difficult to reattach after battery installation
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