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Texsport Camping Shower and Shelter Combo

The Deluxe Texsport Camping Shower and Shelter Combo is a privacy tent that works as a changing room, shower enclosure, or room for your portable toilet. The unit comes with Texsports solar shower with a five gallon capacity for easy showering while camping. The privacy tent is portable and comes with a removable polyethylene floor, stakes to secure the tent, rust resistant poles, and mosquito mesh panels on the roof. The material of the shelter is flame retardant making it safer for use around the campsite.

The camping shower tent measures 87 inches high by 4 feet 6 inches, by 4 feet 6 inches. The walls are made of taffeta a synthetic fiber and is coated with polyurethane. All together it weighs 20.2 pounds so it’s too heavy for backpack camping. However, it is light weight and portable enough for most tent camping where you don’t have to walk too far to set up. The size of the shower provides you with plenty of headroom, and there are built-in towel racks, and shower caddy inside. Once you know how to set it up the shower can be constructed within minutes. You may want to give it a dry installation run at home so you get the hang of up before reaching your destination.

Since the solar shower attached to this privacy tent is gravity fed taller people may have to bend a little while showering. The sun shower does warm up when exposed to sunlight meaning after some time the water of the shower will be more comfortable. When using this camping shower it’s usually a good idea to keep the removable floor in place when on dirt or sand, otherwise the ground inside the tent often gets wet and muddy. When you are done using this outdoor shower tent you can store it in its own carrying case.

Here’s some of the best features of the Texsport Deluxe Camp Shower/Shelter Combo:

  • Outdoor shower measures 87 inches high, and 4’6 by 4’6 feet diameter
  • Comes with 5 gallon sun shower
  • The material of this tent is flame retardant, and meets C.P.A. I-84 Specs
  • Mosquito mesh panels in ceiling
  • Removable floor panel
  • Inside towel holder and caddy
  • Works as a tent for your portable toilet, a changing room, or outdoor shower


  • Solar shower provides warm water
  • Sets up fast
  • Provides privacy when you need it


  • Light weight plastic may not last a long time under heavy use
  • Poles & plastic pieces can break under stress

Have you tried using the Texsport Camping Shower and Shelter Combo? Leave your comments and reviews about this outdoor shower below to share what you think of this product.

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