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Seam Grip Tent Seam Sealer

The Seam Grip Tent Seam Sealer can waterproof the stitching on your tent to help ensure it is leak free in case of rainy weather while camping. This tent sealer has been approved by the American Alpine Institute and can successfully seal out rainwater as well as repair patches and holes in outdoor items. It can be used to seal rain wear, footwear, clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents.

Seamgrip comes in an 8 oz tube and has powerful bonding properties that can seal or coat practically any type of porous material you want it to. It works well on fabrics, cordura, nylon and polyester type materials. Just about any normal camping type canvas or fabric will work with Seam Grip. In addition to sealing seams it could be used to waterproof the bottom of an item like a backpack to help create an effective moisture shield. Another useful application is to add a sticky strip to an item like an air mattress to help it stay in place on an incline. Since Seam Grip is quite tacky it does a great job holding things in place.

One tube of this polyurethane composition sealer goes a long way. It offers abrasion resistant properties and can be used to adhere fabrics together. When applying the solution you’ll want to be careful not to get any of the stuff on your hands or under your fingernails because it is extremely difficult to get off. It leaves a sticky residue and smells similar to contact cement. when applying it can be a big mess if you’re not careful, so I recommend wearing disposable gloves and sealing the tube with plastic wrap in between uses. If you need to remove it before it dries you can use something like WD40 to help get it off. Overall, if you’re looking for a product that works great to seal your tent or repair punctures, then Seam Grip is right for you.

Here’s some of the best features of Mcnett Seam Grip Tent Seam Sealer ASIN# B001OPJCBI:

  • 8 oz tube for repairing camping gear and sealing tents
  • Permanently seals tent seams and stops leaking
  • Recommended by the American Alpine Institute
  • Great for waterproofing most camping fabrics
  • Can use it for patching hiking boots, or rain gear
  • Can create a tacky surface to keep items from sliding on sloped surfaces
  • One tube can seal the seams of most tents


  • Works great for sealing tent seams
  • Can repair punctures and tears
  • Is still flexible after drying
  • Can waterproof the bottom of items


  • Leaves a sticky residue
  • Smells bad
  • May turn yellow over time

Have you tried using the Seam Grip Tent Seam Sealer? Please submit your tent sealer reviews and comments below to let other readers know what you think about this product.

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