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Coleman Fairmont Purple Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Fairmont Purple Sleeping Bag is a warm weather bag designed for temperatures as low as 50 degrees. This sleeping bag is an attractive purple color that’s a favorite of girls for sleepovers or summer camping trips. The sleeping bag is constructed with three pounds of ThermoTech insulation which is appropriate for most seasonal summer camping at lower elevations where the nighttime low temperature stays above 50 degrees fahrenheit.

The Fairmont sleeping bag can comfortably accommodate someone up to 5′ feet and 11″ inches tall. In total the bag measures 33″ inches wide and 75″ long. The bags cover is made of a polyester material and inside you’ll find a polyester flannel liner. Some people have claimed that the texture of the inner liner is not the most comfy-feeling. It is designed to be both durable and comfortable so the polyester material may take getting used to, however I’ve found that it is quite soft to the touch.

The bag features a Fiberlock insulation system that help prevent the insulation material from shifting around inside the bag. It also has a ZipPlow zipper design which keeps the fabric from getting caught in the zipper by plowing the fabric away from the zipper to help prevent snagging or catching. There’s also a zipper glide around the bags corners to prevent the zipper from getting snagged or caught in place. You can connect two of the Colman Fairmont sleeping bags together to create one double bag for couples. When you’re ready to roll the bag up the quick cord storage system eliminates the need to tie the bag up for storing. If you need to clean the sleeping bag it is commercial machine washable.

If you’re looking for a warm weather purple sleeping bag that is well made, inexpensive, and attractive looking you’ll find this Coleman bag to be a good choice. Girls love this purple sleeping bag for sleepovers and slumber parties and it’s warm enough for most warm weather camping.

Here’s some of the best features of the Coleman Fairmont Purple Sleeping Bag 8021-621

  • Girls love the color of this purple sleeping bag
  • Rated for temperatures as low as 50 degrees
  • Measures 33″ by 75″ inches and fits a person up to 5’11” tall
  • Two bags can be zipped together
  • Come with three pounds of ThermoTech insulation
  • Durable construction and fabric
  • Commercial machine washable
  • Coleman limited 5 year warranty
  • No tying required with quick cord storage
  • Zipper guides to avoid snagging


  • Cheap price
  • Girls love the color
  • Zipper guides to prevent snagging
  • Durable and easy to clean


  • Inner polyester material may bother some people
  • Only rated to 50 degrees

Click this link to buy the Coleman Fairmont Sleeping Bag (Purple)

Have you tried using the Coleman Fairmont Purple Sleeping Bag? Send in your sleeping bag reviews and comments below to let other people know what you think is great or not about this product.

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